It’s Unconstitutional To Retain Service Chiefs Long After Retirement ,,, Northern Elder’s To Presidency

A group consisting of Northern elders have asked the leadership under president Muhammadu Buhari, to sack Nigeria’s Military Service chiefs.

The group alleges that the continued retention of all service chiefs after for several years after the expiration of their retirement date could demoralize the front line troops and also unconstitutional.

The group of Northern elders also called The Coalition of North East Elders for Peace and Development (CNEPD), while reacting to the insecurity crisis going on in the country said by their national coordinator, Zana Goni, explained that the inability of President Muhammadu Buhari to announce the removal of service chiefs in his new year message was a sign that the Nigerian leader didn’t acknowledge the insecurity situation in Nigeria.

They stressed Further that the appointment of almost Northerners to lead the Nigerian military was morally and constitutionally wrong and may have emboldened criminals, banditry and terrorism.

They added that trying different ethic groups in the country’s security infrastructure will not only bring back the high morale of personnel but also return their zeal and vigour to protect Nigeria.

“At the moment, the most important thing for every Nigerian is security. They want their lives to be protected first. The National Assembly has since understood this and that is why as representatives of the people, they have called for more robust, efficient and effective security management for the country.

Relieving of the current military chiefs off their duties and subsequently replacing them with new ones will automatically change the game of insecurity as there will be high morale for the fighting officers also new strategies will be launched.

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