Truth Must Be Told Security Was Beefed Up In The North During Past Administration Than The Present Administration In Nigeria – Usman Majidadi

A Borno state indigene Usman Majidadi has earlier today December 13,2020 break silence on the security challenges facing the northern part of Nigeria where lives were been lost to the cold hand of terrorist and bandits making comparism between the previous administration and Buhari’s government.

He said

“I came to understand that the security situation in the Northern part is becoming worst and worst every day and no single person in government is condemning the situation.

I remember during the reign of Goodluck Jonathan you hear it and see it on TV social media ,politicians, religious leaders ,scholars and northern leaders condemning the situation and the sitting government saying the government has failed.

What’s happening today is worst than what happened under Jonathan’s era, before now the situation wasn’t like this. People are now dying everyday, where are we heading to ? What’s the basic responsibility of this government?

It’s time to say no and act in order to save northern Nigeria or else history will judge us ”

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